Wednesday, December 10, 2008

More From Peoria...

Under 4:00 Timeout

Butler up 15 at 36-21. Bradley cut the lead to ten at 31-21 and a quick basket by Avery Jukes and another three pointer by Gordon Hayward got it back up to 15. Jukes looks strong with the basketball and has two easy buckets off of screen and rolls.
Coach Stevens was VERY animated about a possible missed defensive assignment by Butler freshman Garrett Butcher. I can't remember him ever being that animated. Bradley guard Sam Maniscalco keeping the Braves in it with his outside shooting.

Hey guys, we found a Butler fan here in Peoria! 

Someone asked about the size of the crowd. You ask and you shall receive...

Update: Butler now only up 5 w/8:00 to go, good run by Bradley. And Damon's computer hates him. 

6:37 mark 2nd Half

Shout out to the Valpo women's basketball team who defeated #23 Purdue tonight 71-60.


  1. How is the crowd in Peoria? I'm curious how Valley fans turn out as compared to Horizon fans and whether a solid HL opponent helps draw a crowd.

  2. Crowd is very good, my untrained eye would say well over 6,000. Wearing lots of red and supporting their Braves. They've historically drawn well but I would think an undefeated fellow Midwest school could draw some general basketball fans from the Peoria area.

  3. Hell of an arena. We went to Bradley for the Bracketbuster game last year, we'll be hosting some BU fans up here next weekend.

    The thing about Bradley is the town lives for BU. That's AWESOME. I wish UWM could be something other than the 6th favorite team in the area behind the Packers, the Brewers, the Badgers, the Bucks, and the Golden Eagles. It's a real problem.

    When we went down last year, it wasn't until the third sports bar when we found space for us. It was 3 hours before gametime and the whole area around the arena was painted red and white. It was like seeing a UW-Madison game in Madison. Really.

    The Horizon League needs to get up there to really draw the MVC type of fan base.