Thursday, December 4, 2008


Looks like we had a "setting" turned on, which required me to moderate all of the comments which were being posted.

It's OFF now, and your comments are up! Keep 'em coming...



  1. UWM has taken some lumps yes- we were beaten by an Iowa State team that hit 16 3's in the World Vision Classic Championship game.... we lost to #18 Marquette 100-80 on their court across the street- I'm proud to see us put up 80 points on them, but obviously our defense needs big time improvement, we then lost a tough one to Ball State at the Cell (which we should have on- easily our worst performance of the season- hopefully ALL season) and, most recently, we lost to #25 Wisconsin in Madison by 21 points on a pitiful 2nd half.

    On top of all this non-con difficulty- starter Ricky Franklin is suspended for an OWI arrest last week.

    Things look kind of bleak for UWM, but I wouldn't write them off just yet- let's see what happens tonight against Detroit at the Cell.... I think the beat downs by ISU, MU, and UW will actually HELP the Panthers big time, in their quest to return to the top of the Horizon.

    Butler, UIC, and Cleveland State are favorites... but don't forget about Avery Smith, Ricky Franklin, Anthony Hill, Tony Meier, and Tone Boyle- these kids can flat out play.

  2. How could I forget- Deonte Roberts (he'll have 4+ assists tonight).

  3. Butler vs. Cleveland State should be an interesting game - tune in tonight (12/4) at 7:00 pm EST on ESPNU.

  4. Actually, it's 8:00pm EST. But yes, tune in!