Wednesday, December 3, 2008

How Dare You...?

While perusing the Jay Bilas Blog over at The Worldwide Leader (It's an "Insider" article, if you're interested in following the link to his blog)...I came across a little nugget that all of you fellow Horizon League fans may enjoy.

In the interest of full disclosure, the blog entry is titled "Thoughts, trends and treats from November" and dated November 30, 2008.

In the midst of several observations about numerous college basketball teams, and their performance thus far...the following bullet point was tossed into the mix:

"What possible justification do we have for having over 340 Division I basketball teams? It is silly."



Is this silly? What about this? Sometimes it happens simultaneously.

Yes (in the last video)...those are 2 of college basketball's super-powers, UCLA and North Carolina, being dispatched in the NCAA Tournament -- at the same time -- by 2 randoms in this world of 340-some-odd Divsion I basketball teams. 1999 was a good year.

I'll never deny the fact that teams from power conferences overwhelmingly outperform the teams considered mid-majors or low-majors. However, for every powerhouse like Duke...there's a Rutgers perpetually drowning in the bottom of the Big East. Similarly for every upstart program (lacking historical tradition) like Tennessee...there's a storied program like Indiana which is in shambles. You'll find similar situations in all of the Division I Men's Basketball's relative.

Take a Horizon League member like Loyola (Chicago). They've only won 20 games once in the last 15 years. Should they not have the opportunity to play Division I basketball? Or does their 1963 National Championship carry any weight?

Writing in a blog about "Thoughts, trends and treats from November," that having over 340 Division I basketball teams can't be where the real silliness begins.

Just my opinion...not necessarily the Horizon League or HLN's view.

Who knows...maybe I'm reading too much into Mr. Bilas' comment. Or maybe I'm all.



  1. Speak the truth, Damon.

    Although if they were to cut 16 of the 31 conferences, the Horizon League is still in D-I. So I think we're immune to that Dookie's drivel.

  2. Damon,

    See any story from The Daily Show with John Stewart regarding Bob Novak and the outing of a CIA employee for a useful name to refer to Mr. Bilas.

    At least, that's how I feel about the guy -- him and Billy Packer ;)

  3. True, blackpanther, the Horizon League probably wouldn't be in any danger...but I don't want to chance it.

    Follow the linked text "from power conferences" in my'll take you to The Mid-Majority, and it'll give you an idea of where the Horizon League actually stacks up money-wise with other conferences. We all know that's what it comes down to...dollar bills!