Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Wish Lists

With another six days until Christmas I thought I would beat the crowd and get out my list of what I would give to a few teams in the Horizon League. No re-gifting allowed.

Youngstown State
: A "W" over a Division I or II team.

It's been a tough year so far for the Penguins but there is one Bright spot. Sorry, I couldn't resist. Kelvin Bright has shown that when he gets hot he is a force to be reckoned with. His per game averages do mask a pretty pedestrian 40% field goal percentage.

Wright State: A do over.

Remember when you were a kid and nothing seems to go right at the beginning of a game? You call for a do over, right? Coach Brownell needs to petition the NCAA for a do over after the Raiders 0-6 start. Can someone please tell me what has happened to Todd Brown? PLEASE?!?

Milwaukee: A victory over a team with a winning record.

The Panthers are 5-5.
Record of teams the Panthers beat: 10-39
That's bad. Like really bad. Did I mention one of those victories was against DIII Upper Iowa University? I really like the depth of this team and they are 2-0 in league play. But show up for a game against a team you shouldn't destroy.

Green Bay: Some rebounding.

Green Bay can shoot. Evans. Tillema. Cotton. They are a GREAT free throw shooting team. But they rebound by committee, and they don't do it particularly well. Their aggregate rebound margin for the season is -40, and -30 in the team's four losses. Losing 6-6 Chop Tang won't help.

UIC: ...

If you're like me you have a friend or family member that is really hard to shop for. That would be UIC this season. They have the leading scorer in the Horizon League, Josh Mayo. The Flames have the leading rebounder in the Horizon League in big man Scott VanderMeer. And they have the second best assist man in the HL, Spencer Stewart. Even the team defense has been impressive as the Flames have only allowed one team to score over 70 points against them this season, 77 in a victory against Northern Iowa. Consistency remains the only obstacle for UIC this season.


  1. Its a sad day...when ever the Horizon League Blog is refering to Milwaukee as Wisconsin-Milwaukee...Look at the our Media guide and shoot even the HORIZONS own Media guide...We HATE Wisconsin-Milwaukee...AH!!!

  2. Yeah, keep it Milwaukee. I understand the whole oddity of UWM and Milwaukee being preferred (then what's the W for?) but that'll be fixed with the new AD.

    Why I really posted was this: Hey Adam, here's our victory over a winning team.

  3. Hey guys,

    Thanks for posting, I apologize for the mistake. Look forward to hopefully meeting some of you guys in the coming weeks so I can apologize in person. The victory at UIC surely got some people's attention around the league. Thanks for the heads up.