Friday, November 28, 2008

So Much More To Come...

Hi HLN'ers -

Damon Lewis here...and let me just say...trying to digest a plate of left-overs from Thanksgiving is awfully tough when there is so much to talk about regarding the Horizon League Network. It's really an exciting time in our development, and I'd like to try to bring you up to speed on what's happening currently, and what's to come.

So here goes...

1) First of all, you may be visiting this HLN Blog for the very first time...and if so...welcome! This blog was originally designed, more or less, as a "nuts and bolts" way to update viewers of HLN on what was being discussed, developed, and implemented in the evolution of the Horizon League Network (as you can probably see by some of the early posts). While some of that will still make its way to this blog, the majority of the posts are going to now focus on what's going on around the Horizon League.

Myself and Adam Coppinger
(whom you'll be seeing/hearing/reading a lot more from across all HLN platforms in the weeks ahead) will be posting here regularly to help get the conversation started among all fans of the Horizon League. I can't speak for Adam, but you'll likely find my entries to be bold and opinionated...and don't worry, I can take the heat. In fact, I want the heat...I want to hear your opinion...whether you agree or disagree with whatever it is I may discuss on a given day.

2) If you're a "Facebook-er" or a "MySpace-er" you may have noticed our increased presence on those sites...specifically Facebook. We've put together a formidable group of "friends" on Facebook and we're starting to see an increase in the amount of conversation among the people who are watching the videos we post...which are some of the same pieces of content you can find on HLN. For example, when we start to see people communicating to each other on Facebook, thanks to a video or event we posted regarding the Horizon League Women's Soccer Championship...we start to get excited.

HLN also uses Twitter...which is my personal favorite. You can learn the basics here. It's free...but if you choose to receive text message updates, you're cell phone provider's rates do apply.

3) With basketball season upon us, our regular viewers will surely notice some re-working that has taken place, or will be taking place, regarding our basketball content. First and foremost, I'm sure many of you have noticed the larger viewing window for games...and hopefully a more reliable stream with less interruptions.

You may have already noticed that "Player of the Week" content has been included in the weekly HLN Update...which will be the case all season. Last season we also produced a "Plays of the Week" video...and while we will still feature the best basketball plays of the week, it will be presented in a much different form. We're still ironing out the all I'll say at this point, is that we're hoping to get YOU involved in the process. Stay tuned.

Another change from last basketball season will be the availability of game highlights. The majority of our schools (hopefully all of them) will be cutting game highlights from their home games, to be posted on HLN the morning after each league game. Our people at each school are already working to master the process, and it's looking good.

Lastly, we've got something very special in the works this basketball season...and it includes bringing HLN to you, the fan. Myself and Adam (whom I mentioned earlier) will be traveling around the league to various basketball games and bringing you a video-blog, of sorts, showing you what a game-day/night is like from start to finish. We'll be posting video from the moment we hop in the car, until the lights are turned off in the arena. Technology is an amazing thing. Some of it may be silly, it may be important pre-game updates, or it may include interviews with athletes. Regardless, it will certainly be worth checking out throughout the day on our travel days. We'll be promoting it heavily, so if you have ideas, or want to make a case for us to visit your school for a specific game...let us know!

All in all...we're doing everything we can to try and make HLN feel like an online community where fans can come EVERYDAY to watch, discuss, and debate all things Horizon League. We hope you'll join us!

Until next time...


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