Friday, April 11, 2008

Silverlight Beta Launches

The Horizon League Network is already working on the second version of the HLN platform and the first part of that transition has been launched with a beta version of an all-new player. Running off of Microsoft’s Silverlight streaming technology, the upgrade significantly enhances the viewing experience on HLN (the window is twice as big). The new player also gives us the chance to overlay graphics, commercials and other advertisements, which will hopefully be utilized in our sponsorship sales packages next year.

Since we are just in a beta testing phase with this product, it is not nearly finished. The site will most likely be redesigned to better integrate the new player and take advantage of some of the additional functionality available through Silverlight.

If you’ve read this much about the new beta player, please check it out. We’re really looking for some solid feedback on the new system, especially on how it compares to the original player.

Link to Beta Player


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